About Webstockman :-
  • Nissi Webstockman is a web based inventory and stock management system.
  • Webstockman is well suited for all kind of business houses trade with Inventory / Stock including Civil, Textile, Electronics, Computer, General etc.
  • Webstockman helps in tracking the items usages, purchases, stock transfers and sales activities of your businesses.
  • Item reorder level alerts and serial number tracking will help you in having a great control over your inventory.
  • In Webstockman you can streamline your Vendor Management and Sales Management details. You can also track & maintain your sales activities.
  • Webstockman provides SMS and Email options and you can send all the important notifications through SMS and the reports through Mails.
  • Webstockman will help you in checking your business reports from anywhere around the world and controlling your business activities. These reports are printable and can be exported to different formats like word, excel, pdf etc.  You can also send these reports as emails to anyone.
Purchase Order:
  • Purchase order screen is used to create the purchase orders for the requisitions made by the different departments. Only for all the approved requisitions purchase orders can be created.



GRN Confirmation:
  • GRN denotes "Goods received Note". After purchase order, we will confirm the items which were received from the vendor.

Bill Passing:
  • Approved GRNs will be listed for the bill passing. All the details will be displayed and you just need to click on the pass bill button to create your bills. After creating the bills, you can also send the bill details as a SMS.

STN Transactions:
  • STN denotes Stock Transfer Note. Stores can transfer or request for the items in other branches / stores. For example, STN inward and outward might take place in situations like when there is no time for the purchase of a particular item / excess of particular item in a store which is needed by another store etc,.

Store Issue Transactions:
  • In store issue transaction screens we will track the items which were issued to the different projects, Departments, Equipments / Plants and Productions. Items which are returned to the store once the job is completed can also be maintained and added to the stocks.

Sales Transaction:
  • Sales Transaction screens are used to maintain your customer and sales details. You can create your sales bills against the customers. This will help you in tracking your sales activities accurately.

  • There are plenty of reports in Webstockman and you can get any details at any time just by a button click. These reports can be exported to different formats like word, excel, pdf etc. You can also send these reports as emails to anyone.
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