About Nissi Chef Coffee:-
  • Nissi Chef Coffee is a web based Restaurant Management software which helps you in managing your inventory and kitchen managements at an optimum level.
  • It helps in measuring and controlling food costs & items by highlighting the stock needs.
  • Chef Coffee helps you in item purchase decision making, scheduling the cooked items and also in streamlining the vendor management.
  • It helps in kitchen cost control and decreases the administration costs.
  • Tracking of the wastages, production and stock transfers becomes much easier.
  • Chef coffee can be used in single or in any chain of restaurants.
  • You can tack your inventory and kitchen management reports from anywhere and control the activities.
  • Food price changes, new addition of items and reference to old purchases will save your valuable time.
Raw Material Category:
  • Raw material category page is used to add all the raw material you use for creating the cooked items and for kitchen maintenance. You can create any no. of categories and add items into it. Raw materials can be of any type items like plates, spoons, groceries, vegetables etc.

Cooked item Category entry:
  • In cooked item category page you need to add all the items you provide in your restaurant. These items will be used in scheduling the kitchen activities and BOM creations. While creating the items itself, you can classify them as main kitchen, reusable and happy hour items.

  • Schedule screen is used to prepare the schedule for the different sessions and days. According to these schedules, store issue will happen and the kitchen will produce the items needed. This kind of pre scheduling will help you in running your business without any interruptions.

Purchase Order:
  • Purchase Order screen is used to create the purchase orders for the items needed by the restaurant. You can refer to your old purchases and add the items or by raising a purchase request. Each item can be purchased from the different suppliers and the current stock of the items will be displayed for reference.

Goods Received Note -GRN:
  • The main process in GRN screen is to receive the goods. Once we confirm the items in the GRN, they will be added to the stock and it can be used for the further transactions. After GRN confirmation, you can make the supplier payments.

STN configuration:
  • Stock Transfer Configuration page is used to configure the items you will transfer to the different stores / branches. For e.g. the items you create in your main store can be transferred to your other stores. These transferring details can be configured in different intervals like daily, weekly, monthly etc.

Store Issue:
  • In store issue screen, you can issue the items to the kitchens according to the schedules of that day. Store issue will help you track the items usage.

Party Schedule & Sales:
  • Party schedule screen will help you in taking care of the party schedules and issues. You can issue the items separately for these parties. Party Order sales and returned items can also be tracked easily. Party details needs to be registered and quotations will be created before issue the items.


Stock Summary Report:
Store Issue Report:
Branch Department Costing: